Fee Schedule

Fees effective as of 01/01/2017.  Fees are subject to change without notice by the Board of Directors.


Account research and balancing assistance $10.00 per hour
Credit Union Check $5.00 / if mailed out $7.00
Late fee on all loans $29.00
Copy of Member Draft or Credit Union Check $5.00
Stop payment on Single Item $25.00
Stop payment Series of Items $30.00
Paper Statements $1.99
Stop payment on Credit Union check $20.00
Overdraft / Insufficient Funds (NSF) Fee per item
This fee applies to Overdraft/Insufficient Funds created by check, in person withdrawal, or other electronic means.
Item paid $30.00
Item Returned Unpaid $30.00
Any transaction that draws the account into the negative $5.00 or less will be charged $5.00 per occurrence
Wire transfers (outgoing) $20.00 per wire
Wire transfers (incoming) $5.00 per wire
Western Union $25.00 per wire
International $45.00 per wire
Regulation D Transfers $5.00 per occurrence
Negative Share Fee $5.00
Credit/Debit Card Advances $5.00
Early withdrawal from Christmas Club $10.00 per occurrence
Dormant account fee $10.00 per month
Charge Back Fee (Debit Card Disputes) $30.00
Replacement Cards (Debit / Credit) $10.00
Rush Order Debit/Credit $45.00
Printout of account history $2.00 per page
Returned Checks the member deposits with us $10.00 per check
Late Fee on Visa Cards $25.00
Over Limit Fees $25.00
Visa Debit Card/ Visa Credit Card Foreign Transaction Fee 1%
Early withdrawal penalty on CD's 60 – day interest – 6 months
90-day interest -12 to 24 months
180-day interest -36 to 60  months